About BioWell

This is an innovative functional hospital as envisaged by the founder & chairman Dr.A.Sreekumar is based on the forty years of experience in modern medicine.


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The Journey

The entire concept developed by Dr. Sreekumar focuses on redefining health through a 360° wellness approach. The idea was realized in the form of an integrative functional hospital that provides wellness services by fusing medical science with innovation and cultural roots wrapped in scientific approaches.

Our soul mantra is “Health is Wealth,” and we encourage everyone to be a part of this groundbreaking health movement “Of the People, By the People, For the People.”

Chairman & Managing director

Founder & Chairman & Managing Director

“Dr. A. Sreekumar is a Senior Consultant in ENT & Head and Neck Surgeon with more than 36 years of clinical practice and has been actively practicing Nutritional & Cellular Medicine Since 2002.”


Our Focus

We are working hard to achieve the following goals a 360-degree health enhancement and holistic experience with the help of a pool of qualified professionals from the health domain.

Why Choose Us

Medicines are weapons that can only be utilized by highly skilled soldiers, such as those with a strong immune system. The existence of the proper hormonal balance is required for a healthy immune system. The functional status of an individual is orchestrated by a Balanced Bio-Chemistry that is acquired using a simple formula:


We intend to provide this unique medical care which is an ideal combination of functional personalized medicine and modern medicine. We achieve metabolic equilibrium in the body by using scientific assessments of cellular metabolic health and rigorous monitoring
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Team Members

“If everyone is moving forward together, then success takes care of itself.” –Henry Ford


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