BioWell Products

Nutrogenormics was Incorporated in 2012 with a vision of providing best quality nutritional supplements, health food, food supplements, FMCG, health ,beauty products, body care products and many more

Founded in 2014, Nurtigenomics works for the purpose of delivering the concept “Eat for your genes” which includes genetic testing, as w hnell as the promotion and production of natural products, food, and nutraceuticals.

Nutrigenomics is more concerned with preventive health care than with curative medicinal therapies. Nutritional genomics restores or maintains an individual’s health by suitable dietary interventions and healthy lifestyle improvements by supplementing vitamins and minerals in appropriate combinations and amounts. The majority of our goods are vegan and gluten free, making them ideal for a healthy and environmentally conscious lifestyle.


It provides targeted, specialized nutrients to regenerate Vitamin C and provide long lasting therapeutic benefits. Clinical C contains Ingredients and excipients that are non-GMO and Vegan friendly. It includes Vitamin C with no maltodextrin and complete 8 isomers of genuine Vitamin E. It is Free of soy and magnesium stearate which makes it Suitable for people who are sensitive.


CitraMag is a vegan friendly, highly affordable, ultra-low excipient and bioavailable Magnesium citrate that delivers leading standards in Magnesium purity. It provides a highly affordable and exceptional quality Magnesium that conforms to standards set by the USP-NF. It contains pure, bioavailable Magnesium citrate with no accessory vitamins and minerals.

Zinc Citrate

We have chosen only the finest quality and unprecedented purity source of Zinc Citrate, so your patients get the best clinical results. Orthoplex Zinc Citrate is manufactured in Australia to a pharmaceutical standard under Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP). To demonstrate purity, potency and efficacy, Orthoplex Zinc Citrate has passed extensive quality testing.

Selenium Drops

Orthoplex Selenium Drops offer a liquid Selenium supplement for antioxidant and immune support. It Provides 10μg of Selenium per drop in a convenient, liquid form for enhanced bioavailability. Selenium drops are free from added sugar, salt, yeast, gluten, wheat, corn, cereals, dairy products, artificial colours and flavors.

Bioactive Lipids

Orthoplex White BioActive Lipids has taken purity to a new unprecedented level; a level we believe should be the new minimum standard. By independently third-party testing for over 460 environmental contaminants, including almost 200 pesticides, 30 common plasticizers and 3 radioactive isotopes, everything that can be tested has been tested. It is gluten free, dairy free, Soy protein free and egg free making it convenient for everybody.

Mito Xcell

Orthoplex White Mito Xcell is a classically innovative formula aimed at restoring energy, supporting mood and addressing endocrine dysregulation through the intricate relationships that are connected by the mitochondria. Powder is suitable for titration. It can be used with common medications. It is vegan and gluten free.


We analysed the possible raw materials , herbals and evaluated sources and post a detailed study which took more than 3 years launched the first Herbal Formulation for the management and control of Diabetes type II – the 4 DM. It is a powerful combination of both these time tested and age old herbs and a major tool in the management of metabolic disorders, diabetes and a host of other issues as well.


BROMELAIN an enzyme complex containing proteinase is mainly extracted from the stem of pineapple. It contains Antiasthmatic effect, anti-osteoarthritic effect, Anti- sinusitic effect, Anti uicer effect, Anti-microbial effects, Anti-inflammatory effect, Anti-oxidant activity, Anti-cancer activity. Bromelain is also good for skin protection and post- surgery recovery.

Melatonin +

A hormone produced by the pineal gland, MELATONIN is crucial as a sleep regulator- The importance of this hormone for health has been long researched and studied. MELATONIN lets the body adjust to the release of this hormone at specific times of the day especially at nightfall and under conditions of the absence of light- light interferes with the production and release of this hormone – and helps the body to relax and induce sleep naturally. It is helpful in Sleep disorders, Headaches, Alzheimer’s disease, Tinnitus and Cancer.

Cell Cycle

Antioxidants in the formulation like – Alpha Lipolic Acid, Selenium and the specific dose calibrated B Vitamins like B12, B6, and B9 help in the proper "methylation" of the cells – a functional requirement keeping with the challenges of today’s growing problem of environmental toxins as well as the "ELECTRO SMOG" – thus helping in maintaining proper DNA health. This is not just another B VITAMIN COMPLEX – but a specific combination of key B VITAMINS along with other key minerals and antioxidants which in combination works like a well orchestrated symphony!

Amino Complex

The Amino Complex has ben formulated with 18 specific amino acids of which three are "Branch Chain Amino Acids", or BCAA's. It is Formulated this complex with special attention to the ratios in which these amino acids will be useful for the body i. E in the same ratio as prevalent in the "egg". It is helpful in preventing symptoms of amino acid deficiency.

Raspberry Ketones Plus

This unique formulation from the extracts of key herbals is a mojo raid in addressing many health issues. Raspberry ketones are now known to stimulate the production of the hormone – adiponectin. Adiponectin is a fat-derived hormone that appears to play a crucial role in protecting against insulin resistance/diabetes and atherosclerosis. Decreased adiponectin levels are thought to play a central role in the development of type 2 diabetes, obesity and cardiovascular disease.